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Solidarity shop

Kynarou » Solidarity Shop

Thanks to the efforts of its local team in India, Kynarou opened this year a sewing workshop, based in our office in Pondicherry. It allows us to create the products of the solidarity shop directly.

If until then, we were buying products from artisans, solidarity groups of women, we have been having the desire since a long time to create these products on our own, from recycled and reusable materials, and over a second phase to train the rural women who wish to sew.

Today, the first step is made, with the setting up of the workshop, where Lourdes, our seamstress chef works daily. She is a talented maker of handbags, wallets, purses, from materials offered in part by our former partner the Pondicherry Youth Center, which we would like to thank.

You will find there pure silk scarves, clothes (tunics, trousers, sarouals ..), jewels, decorative crafts, and our creations, which bear the label MARIPOSA.

So do not hesitate, because each of your purchases will allow to Kynarou a new action, since all the money raised is donated to our field projects.