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Wash in 5′ Challenge

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The Wash in 5 Challenge is a fun and solidarity challenge launched in 2016 on social networks by the association Kynarou. It aims to make each of us aware of the value of drinking water here and elsewhere, and to support projects for access to drinking water in disadvantaged areas, in southern India and West Africa.

1 in 3 people in the world do not have access to drinking water. In France, an average shower lasts 9 minutes and each time 100L of water is used (ADEME). By reducing our shower time to 5 minutes, we save 40L of water.

Wash in 5 Challenge : photo


Thanks to the Wash in 5 Challenge, Kynarou offers you to save water “here” (in France) to redistribute it “there” (in India and West Africa). To do this, nothing could be simpler, you just have to take a 5-minute shower instead of 9! Each short shower is reported to Kynarou (thanks to a connected sticker equipped with a QR code) and increases the counter of Wash in 5 Challenge.


The water savings made in France are redistributed in India and West Africa, in the form of projects for access to drinking water. When the counter reaches 125 showers of 5 minutes, a partner company of Kynarou finances an access to drinking water in a school or a village where the association acts.

How toget involved?

Wash in 5 Challenge: ordering the sticker

Order your free connected sticker with the dedicated form.

You will receive it at home within 15 days.

Wash in 5 Challenge: shower in less than 5 minutes

Place your sticker in your bathroom so that it is visible and easy to access for the whole family (tiles, mirror, shower glass, etc.) and take your shower in less than 5 minutes.

Wash in 5 Challenge: QR code

Scan your QR code to let us know you showered in 5 minutes. It can be scanned every day, by every member of the family.

That’s it!

Wash in 5 Challenge: financement d'un accès à l'eau potable

Thanks to your short shower, 40L are added to the Wash in 5′ Challenge counter!

In this way, you contribute to the financing of access to clean water in India or West Africa!

You want to give us an extra boost? Talk about it around you and share the challenge on social networks with the #Washin5Challenge! Thanks in advance!

ContinuedWash in 5′ Challenge

Litres of water saved250,000
Installed filters50
Collective filtration systems installed2

You are a company and you would like to participate in the Wash in 5 Challenge (team building, financing access to drinking water)? Contact us!

You are a journalist and you want to know more? Contact us to receive the press kit.