Financial Partners

Technical Partners

The partnership between Kynarou Association and Artelia Foundation wishes above all to provide technical expertise to the project’s success. Sustainable development of water, sanitation and hygiene education areas for the concerned beneficiaries is our priority. Sending two hydraulic engineers on the field in January 2009 laid to the creation of multicultural and multi-term action in order to provide quality water access to people from a slum of Chennai. The cooperation between an NGO and a Company creates synergies and promotes dialogue with all parties concerned. This pragmatic approach is effective and generates ideas and solutions.

Alban Domergue

Responsible (2008 to 2013), Artelia Foundation

Institutional Partners


Coalition Eau

Kynarou is member of Coalition Eau.

Coalition Eau is a cluster of NGOs working to promote access to water and sanitation for all, through preservation and sustainable management of the resource and building local capacity for efficient and transparent public services.

Convinced that access to water is mainly a question of political will and attitudes change, the NGOs members of the Coalition have developed a new collective work platform to strengthen dialogue and mobilization on this area. Its aim is to ensure that the voice of civil society is heard at both national and international level; where political and financial decisions are made and where development strategies are negotiated.

“Coalition Eau” suggests other ways of seeing and doing, more social and worried about human beings.

Raise awareness

“Coalition eau” wants to turn water theme from discussion to actions. It ensures a watch on the efforts supplied by France, Europe and international bodies to reach the Millennium development goal n°7. It alerts on the failures of the help and denounces the incoherence, the inactivity and the abuses.


Thanks to the strong knowledge and field experience of its members, “Coalition eau” can share its expertise and fuel the debate on water issues, for a more important and more effective help.


“Coalition eau” coordinates the mobilization of actors from the North and the South. It multiplies the contacts and the links with networks militating for the access to water and sanitation, in Europe and worldwide. Thus, the voices of the associations of the South and the North are integrated into the processes of decision.


“Coalition eau “ relieves independent actors’ positions from public authorities who have no private interests, in order to give clear and free information of the situation, and to develop the public opinion’s pressure on the decision-makers.

For more information:
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U2 Guide

U2GUIDE is the first collaborative and philanthropic website dedicated to tourism. Travelers can chat directly with local guides to customise and book their touristic activities at destination in over 100 countries. At no additional costs, travelers can support their favorite local NGO with 1% of their transaction. Guides can decide to share there gains with their favorite NGO as well. And finally, we reserve 50% of our net profit to support our partner NGOs annually


This organisation is in charge to organize every year an eco-responsible raid for the students and the graduated in kinesitherapy. The place is changing every years, permitting the most acclimated to discover new landscapes.

The aim of the organization is to make more responsible the participants and those who are following them on the social networks, or at less to raise a touch of awareness. For instance, some actions like One run = One waste have been started: the objective is to collect at least one waste at every running done.
And in 2017, Ekoraid decided to make discover to its participants the #washin5challenge !


  • Winner of the “Paris Jeune Aventures” Bursary 2005 (City of Paris)
  • Winner of the “Envie d’Agir” Contest 2005 (Ministry of Youth and Sports)
  • Winner of the “Trophées du Routard 2005 (Hachette)
  • Winner of the AGF Campus Prize 2007
  • Winner of “Trophées de l’Etudiant” 2007
  • Association featured at the portal of the Francophonie in Quebec, May 2009
  • Winner of “La Tribune des Projets” during the “Agora des Projets” by Occitanie Coopération in 2016