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Kynarou » Partners

As a medium-sized association, Kynarou is looking forward to develop and change scale, while ensuring to adapt its projects to new contexts of intervention (countries of intervention, partners, innovation, etc.).

Kynarou has known how to surround itself with loyal partners who gather around common goals.

Partnersinstitutional, technical and financial

Partner: région Pays de la Loire
Partner: région Centre-Val de Loire
Partner: agence de l'eau Loire-Bretagne
Partner: agence de l'eau Rhône Méditerranée corse
Partner: mairie de Paris
Partner: Grand Lyon
Partner: Montpellier Méditérranée métropole
Partner: région Occitanie
Partner: fondation Yves Rocher
Partner: fondation Lord Michelham of Hellingly
Partner: fondation Rainbow Bridge
Partner: fondation Denibam
Partner: fondation Lama

Ourassociative networks

Partner: 1% for the planet France
Partner: pS-Eau
Partner: Occitanie coopération
Partner: la Guilde
Partner: Coalition eau
Partner: Centraider
Partner: Pour une Terre plus humaine

Ourpartners companies

Partner: Compagnie coloniale
Partner: Mokaco
Partner: Humanitud
Partner: McMurphy
Partner: Ma renov
Partner: DM experts
Partner: 1.2.3. Events
Partner: CJD Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants d'entreprise
Partner: Terre d'Oc
Partenaire : Nicolas Barrow
Partenaire : Ekibio
Partenaire : Douce Nature
Partenaire : CDC Développement Solidaire
Partner: Fondation Raja - Danièle Marcovici