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Kynarou Association

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Head Office

C/o Association K’lbass, 79 rue Rebeval, 75019 Paris

Sophie Lehideux, director

+33 6 68 78 64 59

Pays de Loire Regional Office

C/o Dominique Soive, Le Clairet, 72150 Pruillé Léguillé

Centre Regional Office

C/o Mme Guyot de Saint Michel, 137 bis rue de Chevy, 45760 Vennecy

Hérault Regional Office

C/o Drôle de pain, 76 allée Wilhelm Roentgen, 34000 Montpellier

Write to us


    Please feel free to contact us!

    However, please be sure to check before that your question doesn’t already have an answer in the FAQ you can find below!