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Joining us

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Make a donation, join the association, become a volunteer, build a partnership…

Discover all the possibilities to get involved with Kynarou and to support our actions.

Take action with my company

As a company director or employee, you can support Kynarou’s actions. Your commitment can take various forms, and we can offer you different partnerships so that together we can choose the one that best reflects your values. Because every little drop counts, you can support us whatever the size of your company!

Contact us by email to find out more and to build together a partnership that suits you.

Acting with my community

Local authorities have an important role to play in international solidarity, particularly in the essential services sector (water, sanitation and waste). As a municipality or water union, you can support Kynarou’s actions, in particular through the 1% mechanisms of the Oudin-Santini Law.

To find out more and discover Kynarou’s projects, contact us.

Working with my school

Kynarou offers animation programmes in schools on the themes of water, agriculture and international solidarity. Through its actions, Kynarou highlights the major societal issues related to the preservation of water resources in the world. Our educational action aims to influence behaviour and give children the tools and advice to become involved at their own level and to become actors of their future.

If you represent a school and would like to set up a series of activities, please contact us. Together we will be able to build animations tailored to the level of the pupils.