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Promote access to drinking water, sanitation

and hygiene for disadvantaged populations

1% for the planet Kynarou

1% for the planetKynarou

Since 2010 Kynarou is a recipient of the 1% for the Planet France accreditation. The aim of this international collective is to connect patrons and companies with associations in order to effectively increase donations for the benefit of the environment. By joining the 1%, companies commit to donate 1% of their annual turnover excluding VAT to pre-selected associations to support the implementation of their activities.


Our main missions: access to drinking water


Our main tasks: sanitation


Our main tasks: hygiene


Our main missions: agroecology

Family farming

Our main missions: school health

School health

Our main missions: awareness raising

Awareness raising

Our main tasks: waste management


Our main missions: food health

Food health

Make adonation

By making a donation, you allow the team to go further in its projects and you give it important moral support.

The association is certified as being in the public interest, so each donation is tax deductible up to 66% of the total amount paid, up to a limit of 20% of your household’s taxable income.

For example: a donation of 100€ will only cost you 34€!